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BIGAB BT-10 700225

BIGAB BT 10 is a unique trailer through the easily adjustable bogie. A trailer adapted for wheeled excavators and tractors. The first of its kind on the market. The choice of steel quality has also given us a unique opportunity to produce an attractive trailer in a completely new design. 

The trailer as well as the dumper body is produced in high strength steel/ wears steel which results in a durable trailer with higher payload. At the same time we have reduced the weight of the trailer to 2500kg.

Adjustable bogie
BIGAB is first on the market to offer an easy solution for adjusting the bogie of the trailer. All through the bolted solution it offers. Perfect for in need to adapt the trailer to wheeled excavators and tractors. Standard on all trailers. 

Adjustable drawbar
BIGAB is as standard equipped with an adjustable drawbar in height. It gives you alongside the adjustable bogie possibilities to adjust the trailer to fit the needs of your specific towing vehicle. The adjustable drawbar can easily be exchanged for a frame steering drawbar for fantastic driving experience in narrow spaces.

Length (mm) 5400
Width (mm) 2370
Height (mm) 1800
Internal dimensions of load surface (mm) 4090x2205x685
Load capacity (m3) 6,2
Plate thickness at bottom/sides (mm) 5
Weight (Kg) 2500
Max. payload (Kg) 10000
Total weight with load (Kg) 12500
Brakes Brake on 2 axles – optional, Brake on 1 axle – optional
Brake force requirement (MPa)
Wheel dimension in standard 500/50-17
Max. speed (km/h) 40
Adjustable height draw eyelet (mm) 530 - 665
Load on towing eyelet, empty trailer (Kg) 325
Load on towing eyelet, fully loaded trailer (Kg) 1770
Tipping angle (°) 60
Adjustable axle (mm) 250
Working/ Max. pressure (MPa) 18.0/20.0
Oil volume: Minimum available oil volume, with full system (L) 9,5

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